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Pauline Sasaki giving traditional ShiatsuPauline Sasaki giving traditional Shiatsu
Who is Pauline Sasaki? Pauline Sasaki

Hello, my name is Pauline Sasaki and I am a Shiatsu therapist and instructor. Having worked in the alternative health profession for 30 years, the quest to understand the Energetic Self has shaped my style of bodywork called Quantum Shiatsu.

My first exposure to Shiatsu was in 1970 while I was in Japan experiencing unusual aches and pains in my body. After the doctors concluded that nothing was wrong with me, my uncle suggested
I try Shiatsu. After only one session I was brought back to normal. In retrospect, I'm sure that the stress of living in a foreign country was the cause of all my ailments. When I returned to the U.S., I attended a Shiatsu school in New York City called the Shiatsu Education Center of America, where I became one of their instructors. While there, I was exposed to Zen Shiatsu, a style developed by the brilliant Shizuto Masunaga.

As my Shiatsu experiences grew, I found myself moving into the more subtle world of energy. Seemingly unrelated topics such as Quantum Physics and the Alexander Technique offered me theories and exercises that demonstrated how our bodies, are, indeed, miniature universes. When I began to incorporate concepts from Quantum Physics into Shiatsu theory, Quantum Shiatsu was born.

While many of my colleagues went on to study acupuncture, I never lost my faith in the power of the human touch. There are so many hidden benefits of touching that no instrument can completely duplicate. I have witnessed some incredible healings with bodywork—from a client at the age of 70 no longer needing her wheelchair to normalizing the growth of a premature baby of 7 months. But most of all, these experiences helped me discover the spiritual connection that is so important in the manifestation of all that is physical.

I hope this film gives you a glimpse of how the mind, body, and spirit form a triad for not only your health but for realizing all that you are.

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