The Human Potential
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The answers lie in the realization that we are not just physical beings. We are a complex self made up of layers of vibrating energy.

In this documentary, The Human Potential, Pauline Sasaki, a Shiatsu therapist and instructor, presents a model of the Energetic Body. Weaving together the traditions of Chinese and Ayurvedic Medicine with the theories of Quantum Physics, Ms. Sasaki introduces a paradigm for the human form that is capable of amazing abilities to heal itself and transform its physical limitations into highly adaptable free-flowing systems.

Explanations are also presented on how human touch, via bodywork, encourages our energy to expand into a world of infinite possibilities. Observe, through stunning animated images, how meridians, chakras, DNA, and cosmic phenomena come together and interface with each other. Then learn what key aspects of Quantum Shiatsu technique releases and activates our full human potential.

A "must see."
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